Deep sea diving note board

  • $ 3999

Never again do notes have to be slathered all over your refrigerator, nor do you need to have some ugly square board hung on a wall to store all your notes, photos, and kids school projects! From here on out everyone will want one of these. When there are no notes attached, its super cool looking, and the magnets store on the backside hidden from view. When you need to put something on it, just snatch a magnet from the back and presto.

And if you don't ever want to use it as a magnetic board, guess what? You don't have to. But it still comes with four free magnets.

This helmet is 24" X 18" and it stands almost one inch off the wall via the metal spacers welded on the back. It has dual keyhole mounts so its anchored securely to the wall. I cut every single one by hand so there are slight variances. It's made from heavy plate steel, this is not some cheap knockoff that will break if the wind blows to hard. No this piece of functional art will literally last a lifetime. As shown in this photo it comes in blue but you can pick from many other options or email me with specific requests.

Don't need a diving helmet but you do need something else instead? Contact me and I will make it happen.

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