Pike sculpture 22"

  • $ 4500

Design info:

This Pike was modeled after a mounted version that my uncle caught back in the 80's. I remember seeing that fish on the wall for years as a child and I always wondered what the story was behind it. Now after some sketch work I have my own metal copy of it, right down to the spots along its back.


This version is cut from plate steel. It's finished on both sides for display on a desk, it can be hung via screws through the ribs to a wall, or suspended from jack chains to dangle from the ceiling. It's been clear coated to prevent rusting. 


This Pike is 22" long and 6" tall. It measures about 4" in width.

I have around 20 different types of fish, just because you don't see it listed, doesn't mean I don't have one. Contact me.

Wholesalers are also welcome on my fish line, contact me for line sheets.

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