Swallow bird garden stake

  • $ 2400

This Swallow shaped stake and it's about 9"x8" and is made from 20 gauge steel and is welded to a 1/4 inch thick steel rod. Every one of our pieces is hand made to order from scratch thus color, patina and general shape may vary slightly from the item pictured. My wife says these variations give my pieces character. I think it shows how much my hands shake. Either way, I think you'll be happy with the results.

Rustic finish that will last for many years

It is mounted on a stake and it comes complete with a driving fork at the bottom so it can be easily placed into even the hardest ground by simply pushing down with your foot! Some people like their art close to the ground and some like them to be closer to knee height so there are two options when you purchase:

Tall stake - 24" total height from bottom of stake to top of pattern

Short stake - a ground mounted option where the pattern has a stake mounted just beneath it.

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