Angelina flower stake

  • $ 1600

Design info:

This stake design is called "Angelina". I modeled this one after the Species Tulip, yes that is actually the name of them, I had to look it up myself. I'd seen them from time to time with their wide open appearance but I had no clue as to the name.


This flower stake is made from heavy plate steel that I had cut and then weld together. Unlike the majority of stakes you can purchase online, mine come with a handy little fork at the bottom that will allow you to easily drive it into the ground. This may seem like an unimportant detail, until you are actually trying to plant one of those single rod versions yourself. It's really, really difficult when you are dealing with hard ground.


The Tulip's head is 6" x 6" and when you measure it from the bottom of the stake to the top of the bloom it is 24" tall.

Available colors:

Yes you can have this flower in the first example photo simply by leaving your color option marked "as pictured", however if you want to try something else from the color chart, you can choose from over 20 different options at checkout!

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