Scrap fish 20"

  • $ 4000







Design info:

I have a large storage bin in the workshop dedicated to storing local scrap metal that I accumulate. Once the pile gets big enough I make a couple of large sculptures, but I like to make a few little ones too. This fish is loosely based on the angelfish design but I wanted the fins to be more wispy. 



Taking various types of scraps, I hammer and weld them together to get the rounded shape. Excess parts are trimmed and then coated with a lacquer to prevent rusting. It has a hanger welded on the inside to allow for easy wall mounting.



This fish is 20" long and 18" tall.

I have around 20 different types of fish, just because you don't see it listed, doesn't mean I don't have one. Contact me.

Wholesalers are also welcome on my fish line, contact me for line sheets.

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