Trout sculpture on stand 18"

  • $ 5500

Design info:

Again we have the bone trout, but with an extra added base to give a little more life to the design. Now a jumping/diving appearance is evident in this piece which gives it a bit more life in my opinion.


The base is formed from salvaged sheet metal sections that have been welded together. This version is cut from plate steel. It's finished on both sides for a stunning tabletop display from all angles. It's been clear coated to prevent rusting. 


This trout stands about 18" tall give or take based on how it is welded to the mount, still about 5" in width.

I have around 20 different types of fish, just because you don't see it listed, doesn't mean I don't have one. Contact me.

Wholesalers are also welcome on my fish line, contact me for line sheets.

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